About Us

Solis Advisors was founded in early 2019 by three professionals having more than 10 years’ experience and involvement in extensive range of legal services, among other things, corporate commercial, employment, construction, litigation and dispute resolution legal services; and from pro-bono cases to sophisticated deals stemming from international transactions and involving some of the most well-known companies having global establishment.

As fully-fledged legal professionals, we have a deep-rooted understanding on the complexity that the clients may face in navigating regulatory hurdles while keeping their commercial interest afloat in order to make a fully informed decision to thrive in the emergent business landscape of Indonesia. As such, we adopt a realistic and practical approach in formulating our solution and providing our assistance to our clients.

Solis is derived from the combination of ‘Solvo’ and ‘Legalis’ which practically translate into ‘Legal Solution’. However, the word ‘Solis’ itself means the Sun which translates into our aim of making Solis Advisors a one-stop professional services offering a blanket service to our clients from legal, finance, licensing, and tax services. With a blanket service, we envisage a more cost-effective and time-saving approach in providing our clients all their key compliance and commercial requirements, in a hope that our clients shall look no further for their professional services needs. We are still focusing on our legal services at the moment, but we are taking the steps necessary to realize this aim.

It is also worth noting that our constantly maintained network of professionals and our reputation among them allows our small but very solid team to thrive, be fully informed of the latest government policies, and provide excellence in every aspect of our professional services.